In April, you should plan for cooler temperatures (highs in upper 50’s, lows in low 40’s) and some rain showers. Cycling will help to keep you warm and you’ll love passing lines of cars waiting to park during the Tulip Festival! It's not uncommon to have gorgeous sunny afternoons after a cloudy morning with rain. Later in spring and summer, temperatures rise and are perfect for cycling (55-75 degrees).
Since weather is variable, we advise you to wear layers. Start with a good base; synthetic fibers are generally better, but a T-shirt would be fine. Then layer a sweater, sweatshirt, or fleece. The last layer should be a jacket or shell, water resistant if there is rain in the forecast. For the lower half of your body, wear something comfortable, but not too loose (which can rub you the wrong way!). Running pants, sweats, hiking pants/shorts and padded cycling wear are all fine. We have ponchos for rain, but you may end up getting a little wet, so bring extra dry clothes to change into after the ride. The bikes will have small bags to put any shed layers into. For shoes, you can wear athletic/walking shoes as the bikes have flat pedals. If you have shoes with a waterproof membrane, bring ‘em! 
Our guided tours include yummy food to keep you fueled up for all the fun you’ll be having. We will have delicious lunches prepared to eat along the way or planned stops at local eateries. Also, there will be plenty of water and snack opportunities, however please let us know if you have specific dietary requirements. 
Fitness Requirements:
The Skagit Valley is mostly flat with only a few hills. Our routes are geared toward the “casually active.” You should be comfortable riding a bike, but do not have to have experience riding long distances. The tours are approximately 7-15 miles (or slightly longer on our summer rides), but with frequent stops the miles go by quickly. If you exercise a couple times a week, occasionally take a short hike (3-5 miles) or ski a day in the mountains, you should be fine. If you have any health concerns such as recent surgeries, heart attack, or stroke, please discuss this with us prior to making your reservation. 
Frequently Asked Questions:
1. Can I use my own bicycle?   Yes, but only if the bike is in good condition and you are willing to address any potential mechanical issues your bike faces along the route (flat tires, problems with chains, etc.). We can not be responsible for supporting your bike. We recommend road bikes or mountain bikes with skinny tires as they are better suited to road riding. We offer a $10 discount off the the individual rate for using your own bike.
2. How do I book a tour? To reserve your space on one of our tours, please decide on the date you would like to ride, send an email or leave us a message with your phone number and best time to contact you. We will call you back to process a credit card payment for the tour amount and this payment reserves your space. If you choose to cancel your reservation we charge a fee of $10 per rider and will credit your credit card the remainder. We will not refund money for no-shows.
Other Recommendations:
We also recommend that you bring sunglasses, sunscreen, hat or stocking cap (depending on the temperature) and light gloves (cycling gloves if you have them). Also, don’t forget the camera to record the great scenery along the journey!
Send an email to
or call 360.424.7461 to learn more and book a